November 9, 2011

Grave issues of Japan's Medical Circle


Due to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan is regarded as a key country for
nuclear industry and nuclear states to control anti-nuke sentiment.
Thus Japanese scholars in medical and radiation protection fields
could not easily get involved in studies that are inconvenient to
nuclear power friendly state policy.


Regretfuly, this tendency is still underway without any change even
after Fukushima accident.  Radiation scholars state that there is no
health hazards under 100mSV and no major media report on health
damages observed in many places.  Most doctors stay silent regarding
the causality between patients' symptoms and radiation.  After all,
there are very few doctors who have ever diagnosed radiation-related


Since it is regarded that low dose radiation would not cause any
problem, in Fukushima, the evacuation limit is 4 times as high as
Chernobyl case.  Children in highly contaminated areas are only taking
medical check-up though the evacuation is the best prevention of any
radiation related illnesses.  Some people have started to criticize
this situation saying, "The government is using Fukushima children as
genea pigs!"


Japanese medical circle has a strong hierarchy system where
doctors/medical staff have to comform to the system like in an ivory
tour with Japan Medical Association on top.  Unless Japan Medical
Association does not seriously tackle with the issues of radiation
exposure, most doctors cannot raise their voices.  Moreover, the
education of true effects of radiation exposure had not been provided
in medical schools and related institutions and thus doctors hardly
ever diagnose symptoms with radiation.


However, a few number of doctors with consciences have already
acknowledged the low level radiation symptoms and they are trying to
help citizens.  We would like to ask doctors and scientists in the
world to make solidarity to disseminate the truth of radiation
exposure and also to help those who have become ill.

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