November 9, 2011

Japanese Govenment Hiding the Truth

Children are being Killed!!


While station black out, loss of coolant, and meltdown were underway
at Fukuchima nuclear power plant immediately after the earthquake, the
Japanese govenment had concealed the fact and announced the fact of
meltdown on May 12, only 2 months later.


In addition, in spite that the government had developed SPEEDI,
radiation dispersion predicting system with hundreds of millions of
dollars, they concealed the prediction and had not given out any
warning to people in Tohoku and Kanto, who were unecessarily exposed
to radiation.  (They are still concealing they system even though the
accident is not over yet.)


The most important issue is that the govenment make the children stay
in Fukushima and at the same time started to conduct medical check
up.. This is nothing but a human genea pigs.Why cannot they let the
people evacuate first and then conduct medical check up?


Fukushima prefecture started Thyloid echo check, but echo check can
detect only tumor and cancer.  If they want to conduct checking for
preventing such disease, blood tests need to be done.  Is the Japanese
government waiting for Fukushima kids to get cancer?


In Fukushima, 45% of 1000 Fukushima children got thyloid internal
exposure.  However, the government did not distribute any potassium
iodine tablets.


Looking back the history, in collusion with the US government, Japan
conducted only medical check ups on Hiroshima and Nagasaki hibakusyas
and never conducted preventive measures or any treatment.  Until 2008,
unless people were within 2km range of ground zero, they were not even
regarded as hibakusya.  The same thing is being done by the government


The situation is extremely serious.  Children's lives are in danger in
Fukushima.  We the citizens would like to help Fukushima children if
the government is trying to kill them.  We need supports from the
world.  Please help Fukushima children.

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